In the educational content "Sea and Life : VR experience (2018)" consisting of VR games and VR videos, I was the overall director, scriptwriter, algorithm designer, and production Manager.
The completed content was used by hundreds of boys and girls as a free event at junior high schools and science facilities for children in Tokyo, and was highly appreciated by the participants as well as their parents and educators.

The first half of the content is a 360-degree video. Here, the video sounds an alarm about serious issues surrounding the world's oceans, such as the dissipation of plastic waste and the drastic decline of coral reefs, while the final part refers to the potential of deep-sea ecosystems and serves as an invitation to boys and girls to enter the world of marine science.
The second half of the content is a VR game. Here, visitors discover various creatures in the CG ocean and answer quiz questions posed by these creatures, which serves as a review of the first half of the content. Children are excited by the game, but also feel happy or sad about the result. If they feel frustrated, they can review the 360-degree video of the first half of the game again, thereby deeply consolidating their knowledge.

The content also won the winner in the education category (Iron A' Design Award) at the A' Design Award and Competition 2019-2020, an Italian design award. I and other CG designers were among the award winners. Once again, I would like to thank everyone involved for their support.
+ Completed the production of 360-degree videos and VR games as a concept designer, director, and production manager.
+ Won an international design awards.
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