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This was the commercial film I directed for the first time in 2006.

Computer Graphics are very effective to make a movie impressive. Fisrt of all I started my career as a CG artist specializing in composite of CG and live actions. In early works, I had many kinds of troubles, and fixed them every time. Incidentally, there is nothing easier than to make actors’ skin smooth and unlined.
Especially for a feature film shown on a large screen, it is seriously required to take care with choices of equipment, technical directions in shooting, and color grading.
Therefore, my career in a film company is the stable basis of today. As a member of the team to create some big feature films, I had learned important knowledge and techniques a lot.
Here were the VFX shots for the feature film “BATTLE LEAGUE HORUMO (2009)”, a fantasy-action-comedy story. I created them as a composite director.


I always create a VFX shot mainly by using Adobe AfterEffects. It seems that the progress of Apple and Adobe have been totally synchronized with my career. Because I have the advantage of good hand for drawing and painting, I’m sure that I contend for the first place to animate materials made by Photoshop or Illustrator.  However, even now, I can’t help worrying about how long the CG rendering takes time :-p

+ Improved many skills to complete productions successfully 
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