This web short movie "Othopaedic Surgery (3min.)"  I directed is a semi-documentary, made as a promotion movie on top of a web page.
© 2012 Kitasato University Hospital
I’m a creator good at painting and animating imaginarily. But in film/video shooting, I regard the realism and the strength as important.
For example, all surgeon and the surgical operation in this movie were 100% genuine, but the patient girl and her mother were actors. The balance was my proposal.
Of course all blood was genuine also :-) , but not so extreme, please watch it without worrying.
© 2012 Kitasato University Hospital
I composed and recorded its music too.
Of course the movie and the music were made in sync with each other.
It presents a case of scoliosis (medical condition in which a person's spinal axis has a three-dimensional deviation) which affect girls much more than boys. 
The web site was made for recruiting students to Department of Orthopaedic Surgery in Kitazato Univ(JPN).
This is the site look. All design is made by ACUEZ, a web production company in Tokyo/Japan.
Director & Composer : ASSAwSSIN
cinematographer : Hideo Oishi
vocalist : LINDA
assistant : OGAWAY, OKAYU
Production : ACUEZ / Mediproduce
+ Completed all projects on time and within budget
+ Received praise from clients and achieved great satisfaction, that is why the movie has been on top of that web page for over 4 years.
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