I created an opening animation and an original music for a TV program. The fusion of hand-painted animations and CG is one of my strong points. I also designed all background images, image boards  by myself. 
As a songwriter or a composer, I joined many movie productions too. Therefore, I have all skills to complete an dynamic, emotional content.
visual skills : Adobe AfterEffects, Premire Pro, Photoshop, Illustrator and pen tablet
musical skills : LogicPro, ProTools and some instruments

The TV program was named “Japacon Wonderland (previously named “JapaconTV”) “. It was a business news specializing in anime, manga, game, and continued for 5 years on BS FUJI, Japanese famous satellite channel.
It had the unique feature that some cartoon anchorpersons presented all news, interviews, feature articles. Those were composited of animations and live action images. I had created these anchorpersons' animation every two weeks for 5 years. I also designed 2D graphic images for promotion posters and flyers.
In the most recent 2 years, I also created short animation plays acted by the anchorpersons. As a good screenplay writer of jokes and parodies for OTAKU, I provided over 20 stories and animated each of them as a 2-3 minutes program, almost by myself (with first-class voice actors). 
Many fans enjoyed the plays and got excited on SNS, led success in crowdfunding later.
+ Completed all projects on time and within budget
+ Achieved 3th and 5th anniversary events by pay ticket sales
+ Achieved an original music CD and its release event by crowdfunding
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